Remember when we posted about Trey Songz having a new boo by the name of Ophilia? The one who was “Just Right” and kicked off “For The Love Of Ray-J 2″?

Well when Ms. Ophilia Bledsoe heard about Trey running around with his New York chick Tanaya Henry–a model–she got livid and YBF somehow ended up with some picture proof that Trey is playing both of them.

According to what my sources at the party told me, Trey flew his woman Ophilia in to be by his side for his 25th b-day bash last Wednesday night in NYC at M2 nightclub. He got on stage to perform for his fans as Ophilia watched from his VIP section. He was pouring Ace of Spade bottles into groupies mouths during his “Say Ahhh” performance, but when he got backstage

my source managed to snap pics of the two basically inseparable–holding hands and sneaking kisses.

Ophilia and Trey refused to take any pics together, but my source managed to get pics of Ophilia in VIP and Trey performing on stage. After leaving off stage, I’m told Trey and Ophilia left hand-in-hand for what I presume was their nightcap to “invent sex”. I was also informed that Trey is trying to keep this relationship very low key to not upset his fans, or tarnish his bachelor image. I wonder what his model chick Tanaya has to say about all this. Seeing that she was on his arm for Diddy’s 40th b-day bash just days before Trey flew Ophilia in for his party. And is well known to have been with Trey for a little while now–even sending him very public “love Tweets” every so often like this:

@SongzYuuup HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!! I tried to call you but no answer, Ill keep trying. Hope you’re having a great day!!! XOXOXOXOXO