The beef between Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel isn’t over but Jay has yet to make any new remarks. Instead, Beanie Sigel has hit the radio waves to continue speaking out against S. Carter. This time, Beans says Jay-Z is planning on using Nas to go against him and 50 Cent in a remix to “Empire State of Mind.” He also adds that part of Jay’s American Gangster was stolen from his song concepts and says he and 50 are using eachother.  -HipHopDX

I played music for Jay, when I was working on The Solution album…There were song concepts on there. I had a song on that joint with no hook on it. I told him it didn’t need no hook on it. He got a song ‘I don’t need no hook for this shit.’ I had a song on there called ‘Prayer,’ he got a song called ‘Pray.'”

During the interview, Beans goes on to say that Jay will use Nas in this battle

“But listen, dude’s so manipulative, this is what Jay do. I credit him for the moves he make but I’m nice at chess, too. They say he got a record [that’s] supposed to come out, the remix to that “New York” shit. He poppin’ shots at me. He poppin’ shots at 50. But, he put Nas on the record hoping that a nigga will respond to it and come at Nas. Nas gon’ come right back. He’s not gonna hold no punches. He’s gon’ come right back. He should come right back, but look at the moves. I seen it.I’m not worried about Nas. I did that, already. I did that already, in defense of Jay]. I was there when dude was in the studio, on the couch, scratching his head under pressure.”

Aware that Jay is not responding to any of the disses, he goes on to plead with Jigga to swing back at one of his shots.

I’m looking for a response. I know I’m a bully but it ain’t no fun if he don’t swing back. Swing back, man.”

When asked if he’d be willing to dead the beef if the two met face to face, he replied by saying it would have to be televised.

No. We gotta do it televised now. It’ll be over but our face to face conversation gotta be televised because the public wanna know. They deserve to know. The people wanna know. You gotta understand, there was people across the world that were putting up that dynasty sign, who believed in that Roc La Familia, I feel as though I deserve that conversation.”

Later, he says that Jay-Z beefed up security at a Power House concert last year because he feared a retaliation from Beanie Sigel, adding that this was the reason for him getting locked up.

Near the end of the interview, a fan wrote in asking if he thought he was “50’s pawn.” Beans replied with this:

I’m not 50’s pawn…He’s a marketing genius. That’s what he do…How am I 50’s pawn? They say 50 is using me to do what? To build the G-Unit brand? What do I need 50 for? To do what Jay ain’t do. So, if we’re using each other, that’s fine. We’re not misusing each other. That’s what I tell my homies every day. You can use me all day. That’s what I’m here for. Just don’t misuse me. So, as much as people think 50 is using me, I’m using him too.