AshleYYY has finally unveiled her highly anticipated album, “NEW HOME.” Hailing from Milwaukee but based in Atlanta, the triple threat, singer, songwriter, and dancer has crafted a body of work that embodies both personal growth and vulnerability.

MTV News spotlighted her lead single, “Eazy Breezy,” praising the accompanying video for capturing the sensuous essence of the mid-2000s club scene while maintaining a contemporary feel.

The interludes in the album offer a personal touch, seamlessly setting the stage for each song. AshleYYY showcases her distinct songwriting prowess on standout tracks like “Meet Up,” “No Matter What,” and “Work Done.” While her music maintains familiarity, it also introduces listeners to her journey of growth and vulnerability over the past few years.

In the song “Meet Up,” AshleYYY’s vulnerability shines through:

“So can we Meet Up? / I just wanna be with ya babe!

I know I’ve been a bit*h but / This time I’m gonna do what ya say!”

AshleYYY’s music is laden with intimate moments, weaving a narrative of highs and lows. She collaborates with former Crime Mobb standout Diamond on “Keep Dreaming 2.0,” and joins forces with Atlanta’s Sorry Not Sorry, MC Omeretta the Great on “#MANUP.” The album culminates with the title track, “New Home,” featuring a few hometown favorites from Milwaukee, Sharrod Sloans, Genesis Renji, and Gerald Walker.


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New Home” is the album AshleYYY’s supporters have been eagerly awaiting. It not only provides insight into her personal journey, but also underscores why music has become her personal sanctuary (New Home). AshleYYY consistently delivers relatable, heartfelt, and deeply personal music. However, where she truly shines is on the stage, commanding it with exceptional presence. She effortlessly delivers her songs, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats with her impressive vocal abilities, polished choreography, and captivating stage presence. Catching AshleYYY live is a must-see experience. She’s one of the rare artists who approach live performances as a true craft.


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New Home” feels like a fresh beginning for AshleYYY. She’s wholeheartedly committed to her musical journey and eagerly anticipates the path it will lead her down. A consistent thread in her new albm is her unwavering determination to put in the hard work and do whatever it takes to thrive in the music industry. If you’re seeking a source of motivaion, you’ll come across many personal affirmations sprinkled throughout “New Home” that may resonate deeply with your own life. We’re riding alongside AshleYYY on this adventure and making ourselves comfortable in this place she calls her New Home.

“They gon miss me when I’m gone, I tell em to be strong
I’ll be out here on my own
Mom & Daddy calling on the phone, asking when I’m coming home
But this where I belong, so I tell em
Music is My New Home”

Songs Recommended by HHUCIT: Eazy Breezy, Meet Up, No Matter What, Work Done., Do What I Say, #MANUP, and New Home.

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