The Glenn Twins

Name: Joyce & Debra Glenn

Age: 22

Hometown: ATL, GA

Measurements and height: 32-23-33   /   5’5”

What’s Your Sign?


What part of your body do you like the least and why?

We’re really short
GlennT1Your ideal man looks like, acts like, sounds like?

Low hair cut or dreds, taller than us, any complexion, educated, intellectual, has a great sense of humor, charismatic, strong, successful and honest.

We’ve appeared in Blackmen’s Magazine, Smooth Magazine, Jet Magazine, the film The Gospel, Revive & Restore hair products and several music videos such as:  Bow Wow’s “let’s get down”, G-Unit’s “Wanna get to know ya”, R. Kelly’s “Playas Only”, Cruna’s “Higher”, Jagged Edge’s “Stunnas”, Rashad’s “Tell em what they wanna hear”, Young Bloodz’s “Presidential” …


Public Relations: