Shaq aint the only one with off-court domestic drama.  Orlando Magic baller Dwight Howard has put the smack down on his baby mama and ex-girlfriend Royce Reed.  After Royce blasted Dwight on the net and in an ESPN interview calling him a dead beat dad and other pleasantries, Dwight and his lawyers have filed papers that make it illegal for her to even say his name.  Royce is a former Magic cheerleader and the mother to their 2 year old son.  According to TMZ:

Dwight alleges Royce “is attempting to become a celebrity” from being his baby mama … even agreeing to “participate in a VH1 television show called ‘NBA Wives.’”

Dwight ended up winning a permanent injunction against Royce — and according to the documents, she’s banned from “using or publishing (orally, in writing, or otherwise), directly, indirectly or by innuendo, [Dwight’s] name, nicknames, image, brand photographs, and/or likeness.”

That finely manicured line of lawyerspeak makes it damn near impossible for Royce to appear on “Wives” … unless she calls herself the baby mama of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.