20091017_MG_8131copyKelly & 50 Cent Creeping?

Kelly Rowland is hugged up with 50 Cent in the video for his new Ne-Yo-assisted single, “Baby By Me.” off Before I Self Destruct. But before you gossip hounds go spreading rumors, remember: It’s only entertainment. Or is it?

Mase Asks for a Bad Boy Release From Diddy

Diddy received quite the surprise during a live on-air interview with V103’s Ryan Cameron earlier this week.

Diddy’s interview was cut short by rapper Mase who made an impromptu appearance at the radio station armed with papers that would allegedly release him from his contact with Bad Boy Records.

In a video taped by Shuddup.com, Mase is recorded walking around the V103 studio armed with release papers explaining to the staff that they were “freedom papers” before walking in on Diddy and Dirty Money’s interview.

“He has the freedom to go do whatever he wants to do,”
said Diddy after signing Mase’s papers. “People have felt like our situation, I may have stopped him or whatever. He can do whatever he want to do…Everybody’s crystal clear. If you want them Mase verses get ya hustle on right now.”

A recent update from blogger and radio personality Miss Info has revealed that the papers Diddy signed only allow Mase to do songs with other artists so he is in fact still contractually obligated to Bad Boy.

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’ image=’http://www.sohh.com/img/mase-diddy-300×300-2009-09-09.jpg’]http://vimeo.com/7135654[/pro-player]


People are wondering where Kanye is. Well, from what I understand, Kanye is not over in India taking a religious sabbatical as reported. From what I understand, Kanye is right in Illinois and making music with a rapper he’s been affiliated with for a long time. That rapper’s name is ______. From what I was told by a super credible source is that Kanye was “around the way” very recently and is working with this rapper again, because they are close friends. I was told not to divulge the name of the rapper, because it could cause problems for somebody. But just understand that the rapper is 1) from Chicago, 2) not Common and 3) Helped Kamye score a huge hit. Anyway, Kanye just strolled in and people were shocked. Good to see him laying low.


The Game and Dr. Dre recently let their personal issues come to a close. The rumor then was that the West Coast producer would then get the two guys back  on a stong.

“You shouldn’t really hold your breath. If Dre decides to work with him, that’s Dre’s prerogative.”

50 Cent recently said that to MTV and  somebody picked up the audio and sent it over. So, that basically dashes that on the rocks below. I think with all the G-Unity going around this may have been true. Guess not.