We got this information yesterday and I just had to give the news section at least a day to confirm it. But, they were unable to get anybody to verify it as factual. With that said, the sources that have offered up this info claim Tip is coming home TODAY. Please remember that I had one source, then DJ Drama twittered about it and now another source says he’ll be home today. Remember where you heard this one and the FLACK I got when I first ran the rumor.



I know these rumors and can spot a fake on a mile away. This is not to say whether or not Asher Roth is gay or not, but to say there is no way son is coming out this week about it. I’m not sure where this originated. I just saw people saying that it wasn’t true on twitter, as if that meant anything. Anyway, Asher is supposedly going to come out on the E! channel this week. Some people have said these rumors have been around for a while, but all I know is that dude likes girls and college. Oh, yeah – he’s still on SRC. -Illseed

Word is the unlikely rap star will appear on E! News this week; where he will reveal that he is gay, discuss his decision to come out of the closet, and express the fulfillment he’s found since moving to a “gay section” of New York City.

According to new reports, the “I Love College” hitmaker is the unnamed hip-hop artist mentioned in former MTV executive Terrance Dean’s 2008 tell-all Hiding in Hip-Hop: Confession Of A Down Low Brother In The Entertainment Industry. Dean has now posted the story on his blog with the title: “Asher Roth Admits He is the Gay Rapper From My Book.” Asher was recently photographed at a Gay Rights Parade in New York that was also attended by Lady Gaga, former American Idol Clay Aiken, and REM frontman Michael Stipe.