The Day 26 Drama Unfolds…

Que: “Wow I’m so Hurt Right Now. I just received a letter from Day 26 saying that they are moving forward without me. I’m so confused..what did i do?

Willie: We tried our asses off to keep him in the group. Yall will soon know the truth.

Willie Also Says: “What people don’t know we almost lost our deal. We almost lost alot because of this dude”. I never missed a show. You got shows where Que wouldn’t even show up. He changed his number, changed his twitter and everything so we didn’t have contact for the dude. It had discouraged me to the point where I almost stepped out and went solo. It’s not because of the rest of the group members, it was because of one bad seed. You know how cancer spread? It was like cancer… He wasn’t even trying to communicate with us. If he’d just pick up the phone and say “this is what I’m going through”. I don’t have his number. I don’t have his twitter. I can’t even reach out to the dude..

Que’s response: I would not not show up to a show. I would not not show up to a Day 26 event. That is not my character! I support Day 26 but I’m just moving on because they don’t want to get their business in order.

Willie: The thing he has against management was nothing to do with business. It was personal. You can’t live outside your means. You can’t go and get a Lexus in which they only made 30 in the whole United States of America off of a “Making The Band” check. You can’t live outside of your means. He was trying to do things he wasn’t able to do at the time..

Que claims the issues started when their manager “Screwface” promised him a house because his family was getting threats while he was on the show. However, after his mom had sold all of their furniture and it was time to move out, Screwface told them the house wasn’t ready.

My issue came with Screwface then. I was like you set me up and I looked at you as a father. The reason I was going crazy on television was because Screwface was messing with my family.

Now, If management was really screwing them over, are we surprised? The manager’s name is “SCREWFACE”! C’Mon Son! ….And From what I hear, they have a pretty f*cked up deal to begin with. If what I hear is true, the boys are on a set salary, getting paid once a month versus most situations where artists are paid for shows, apperances as well as album sales etc. I believe Danity Kane had the same type of deal and that’s why the girls (esp Aubrey O’Day) claimed they were always broke and started seeking out other opportunities.

By the way, I received a tip from someone claiming to work for Atlantic Records stating that they would replace Que with Donnie Klang:

They’re looking to bring in Donnie Klang, same guy from that season but is solo. They want to branch out to different demographics. DAY26 album sales is a mess. They are thinking of getting a new image of R&B/Pop vibe, in time for their third album. Also, Donnie’s album sales are even worse than DAY26’s,he’s stretching to keep his career!

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