LamarKhloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are finally going to settle into a love nest.

The couple just purchased a seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom home in a gated community in Tarzana, Calif for $4 million dollars, reports TMZ.

So what are they going to do with the extra 6 bedrooms? Perhaps make room for mini Khloe and Lamar’s? Last month during an interview with Chelsea Handler Lamar said he couldn’t wait to have kids with Khloe, and she agreed.

Khloe and Lamar couldn’t take their hands off each other as they talked with Chelsea, prompting the talk show host to ask, “You’re not pregnant?”

Khloe laughed, saying,

“I don’t think so.” Lamar quickly stepped in, saying, “Soon.”

Chelsea asked,

“You’re planning on having a baby soon? You want to do that right away?” Lamar answered, “I do.” Khloe quickly responded, “Ok.”

With a new home and tons of free space, sounds like a baby is the next step for these lovebirds.