Angela Yee copped this video of Carmen Ortega–the chick who’s been claiming she’s been sleeping with Reggie Bush even while he’s been with Kim Kardashian–showing off his crib on video. Did this chick and her friend think this was the Jumpoff editon of MTV cribs or some ish? Here’s the description of the vid:

“So this is footage of carmen ortega in reggie bushes house after a 3 some her and her friend had with him if u look in the background u see his awards magazine cover cars motorcycles etc”

Apparently Carmen’s the reason why Kim and Reggie broke up a while back. And Carmen claims Kim was getting it in with other dudes on the side herself. Reggie and Kim both deny everything bout homegirl, but now this vid just so happened to be released around the same time as Super Bowl Sunday.

This is getting messy! On the heels of Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian getting engaged, check the story HERE.