jayA woman contacted our Global Grind and confirmed it was not Bridget Kelly in the photo and is actually her. She is a label rep for Roc Nation and there is absolutely no friction between Beyonce and Jay-Z. Why did she hide? Because she wants to maintain her privacy. In respect to her request to remain anonymous we will not reveal her identity. This is another classic example of he said she said while no one is saying anything. But I must admit it was fun while it lasted. Glad to clear this one up for my GG fam.

Pictures of Jay-Z leaving a restaurant with a woman covering her face hit the Internet earlier this week. After some investigation and confirmation from a very very reliable source. I have discovered that there is no damn mystery woman. At first glance the woman wearing the grey boots and hiding her face appears to be Bridget Kelly who is signed to Roc Nation but as it turned it out it is NOT her at all.

How do we know she’s telling the truth? Because she even obtained the rights to her photo. Which is why this copy below has no water mark across the middle. No one telling a lie goes through all of that. So we believe her. Thanks for the confirmation. -Via Global Grind