NikkiBroussardDiehard Jordan fan, Windy City Angel, Loves summer time Chi- Yep you guessed it she’s talking about Chi-Town! We at 1HIPHOPUCIT.COM caught up with the Beautiful Nikki Broussard and up – and coming Model out of the City of Chi!- A proud Chicago Native and a recent College graduate with a B.S. in Sports Management and Marketing from Ball State University; Nikki has recently (Jan, ’08) moved to Atlanta to further her Modeling Career. “So Single” Nikki, loves the Swag of Mr. 23 himself, has a passion for sports and politics…she isn’t your average “Beauty” with no brains, if you thought that… you would be sadly mistaken…She expresses Modeling as “secondary” don’t miss this Beauty as she’s on her way to making a huge impact on the Modeling industry. A B.S. is only the start; Law school is on the way…see what else Nikki has in store…

Age: 24

Hometown: Chicago

Height: 5’2”

What’s Your Sign? Capricorn

What part of your body do you like the least and why?

I can’t think of a body part I like the least but if I could change something about my physical appearance I’d want to be a little taller.

Your ideal man looks like, acts like, sounds like?Nikki11

My ideal man would have swagger like Michael Jordan, dark skinned, athletic with sexy legs, he’d either have a fade or be bald, he’d smell good, have a smile that would light up a room, and a humble attitude.

How long have you been in the modeling business?

I’ve been taking pictures since my freshman year of college, but I started getting paid jobs in 2006 so actively for about two years.

Seems You’re a huge fan of Mr. Air Jordan himself what intrigues about him?

Of all the desirable traits he has I’d say the one thing that intrigues me most about him is his drive and competitiveness. It’s something so sexy to me about a man who is focused, knows exactly what he wants, and lives for the challenge.  There is nothing more unattractive to me than an unmotivated man that is always looking for a handout or the easy way out.

Are you single?

I am so single.

Would a “regular guy” have a chance with you or are you into the “industry guy?”

The problem is there aren’t too many “regular guys” out here anymore.  Everybody is always a rapper, producer, party promoter, frat boy, or athlete.  I wish I did get approached by more “regular guys” because I’d rather have a regular guy because more than likely I won’t have to deal with the extra baggage the “industry guys” come with.

The “frat boy” thing stood out to me because I’m very much a regular guy but I’m also a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. which by any means does it define the person I does that mean a regular guy like me wouldnt have a chance?..LOL

Nikki4With regards to the “frat boy” thing, if you are an alpha then I don’t consider you a regular guy. You have a title, that doesnt mean you fit in a cliche though (i hope)…

Of course not Nikki

What do you look to gain from the Modeling Industry?

Money. That’s it. If I could get the money without the fame I’d be fine. But unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

So you’re Moving from the Windy City to the A what’s your plan for the huge move?

It’s gonna be a culture shock for me I’m sure.  Plus I don’t know anyone but my cousin that lives there so it’s gonna take a minute for me to adjust.  I’m planning on meeting some new people and hopefully getting more modeling gigs while I’m down there.

What’s the best thing about Chicago?

There are so many good things about Chicago but the best thing to me is the summer time. I can go on and on about summer time Chi. You got the Lake, The Taste of Chicago, so many things to do and so many people from all over the world there to embrace our City.

Tell Us one interesting thing about Miss Broussard that you haven’t shared with any other onlineNikki3 mag?

Something a lot of people don’t know about me outside of my modeling is that I am really into politics.  The whole world is build on politics, I understand if you’re not content with your life or your surroundings, the changing factor all comes down to politics. Unfortunately, not enough people understand the importance of voting.

It’s so impressive to see a young black woman passionate about politics..what drives you about politics? Barack or Hillary?

What drives me to politics is the fact that I’ve always been interested in the legal system, different public institutions, and the government. Politicians are the people who make my life easier or harder. Being from Chicago I grew up not understanding but wanting to know why so many minorities were being moved out of the city, it was all politics. It irritates me when people make everything a black or white issue, what they should be calling it is a politics issue. Politicians usually looking out for the interest of those who support them. But yea I’m def. going blue this election and my vote is for Obama because it’s a time for change.

What are some of things you have been featured in or would like to be featured in?

I’ve been getting a lot of exposure from local and online magazines, a calendar, and a music video.  I’d like to be in more magazines, and do more print work.  KING magazine is my favorite, when you make it in there, usually your name is ringing in the industry.

What Are your Life Aspirations?

I’ve already figured out that my passion is sports and politics.  In order for my passion to meet my purpose I’m going to make sure I get my Law degree so that I can be one of those people implementing legislation that will influence sports in society.  I don’t feel like enough girls are participating in sports, or that women get the respect and credibility they deserve in sports.  That’s something I want to change.  As far as modeling, I want to be published in the big magazines, and maybe get into acting.

What sets you aside from any other models?

I can’ speak for anyone else but myself, I don’t know half the chicks out here modeling or why they do it. I’ve been told I’m much more humble and nonchalant with regards to modeling than most model chicks though.

What are you working on at the moment?

Right now I’m trying to figure out if I want to move forward with this model thing, and how far I’m willing to take it.  Eventually I’m going to have to choose whether I want to be a model or if I want to be a politician, the two usually don’t mix.  I’m so confident in myself I think I can change that as long as I keep my dignity and do it the right way.  I’m up for the challenge.  I’ll be successful in whichever route I take so either way I got a bright future.

What Pushed You Into The Field Of Modeling?

People always asked me if I thought about modeling, I always figured I was too short but after having my first photoshoot and enjoying it so much, I eventually got paid to do what I enjoyed doing.  I was hooked.

When Did you Decide You Wanted To Model?

I decided I wanted to model after the reactions I got from my first professional photos, people believed in me, and I believed in myself.  It was a challenge for me to see how far I can go with it.

What made you want to get into such a competitive business?

I live for competition! That’s one reason why I’ve always been so drawn to sports an politics, there’s nothing more competitive and challenging than the two industries.  The joy in life for me is overcoming obstacles.  The modeling industry is full of challenges and obstacles I look forward to overcoming.

It seems as if people are just hungry for more; especially when it comes to beautiful women. When has someone went overboard with their appreciation of you?

Well lately I’ve been dating a bunch of psychos.  It seems like a lot of men are so full of themselves that they can’t accept rejection.  I’ve had men send me hate emails, voicemails, lie on me, all kinds of things because they felt I owed them something for taking me out.

If your modeling career didn’t take off – What would you do?

Since modeling is clearly secondary to what I’m doing in life, it would be business as usual if my modeling career didn’t take off.  I wouldn’t blame anyone but myself though because if it doesn’t take off it’d be because I didn’t want it bad enough, not because I didn’t have what it took to be a successful model.

Where can your fans/or people interested in hiring you reach you?

They can email [email protected], or visit me on MySpace at

What’s your School/Major?

I just graduated with a B.S. in Sport Management and Marketing from Ball State University.

What advice would you give to an “aspiring model” reading your interview now?

Know what you want, be confident, and know what you’re worth because the modeling industry is full of people eager to use your insecurities to their advantage.

Thank You For Your Time Nikki!

Thank you!


M. Shawn Dowdell Photography (Atlanta, GA), Falaah Shabaaz (Chicago, IL), Jason E. Jones Photography (Chicago, IL), Patrick of 2 Stars Studio (Miami, FL), Parrish Lewis Photography (Chicago, IL)