DreamWhen you think of a “Dream Girl”  it’s the type of girl that any guy dreams of having, the type of girl that any man would love to have on his arm, the type of girl that a man would love to take home to his mother. This “Dream Girl” is not the “girl” as her nickname describes, but a WOMAN from the Motor City, who’s focused, and where fulfilling her dreams are more than an option it’s  a passion. We caught up with the nursing student from Wayne State University to see what she’s going to bring to the industry and why ‘Style and Passion’ describes what she possess courtesy of Detroit, Michigan…Check it out.

Age: 19

Hometown: Detroit Michigan

Height: 5’2

HHUCIT: What’s Your Sign? Scorpio

HHUCIT: Antasha Dreamgirl, explain the Dreamgirl portion of your name?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  I use the name Dreamgirl because people always made fun of my Goals and Dreams. They would say things like girl you have some big dreams or keep dreaming. So I decided to keep that name going!!!

HHUCIT: What part of your body do you like the least and why?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  Um I don’t dislike anything because I have it for a reason and I’m not afraid nor ashamed to flaunt it!!!!!

HHUCIT: Your ideal man looks like, acts like, sounds like?

Antasha Dreamgirl:   I like tall guys 6’0 somewhat athletic and some one who can seriously accept me Flaws and All!!!

HHUCIT: How long have you been in the modeling business?

Antasha Dreamgirl:    Almost 2 years

HHUCIT: Are you single?Dream1

Antasha Dreamgirl:  Yes

HHUCIT: I saw your spread in the Source Magazine how did that come about?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  Well I had a very good friend of mine tell me that they were having a contest and I should submit my photos. I was like sure so I sent them some photos and they were very excited. So in about two days they were like you’re in the September Issue Congratulations!!!!

HHUCIT: What do you look to gain from the Modeling Industry?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  I would like to gain respect in the industry granted there are so many models but no one has any respect for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HHUCIT: What are some of things you have been featured in or would like to be featured in?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  Hopefully this year I will be featured as the Main Girl in a major Hip Hop Video. I’ve done magazines and Fashion Shows I just think being in some videos will put the cherry on top.

HHUCIT: Being from Detroit what’s the best thing the Motor city has to offer?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  Wow, I’ll have to say Style and mad Swag because that’s what everybody has in the motor city.

HHUCIT: So still being a college student and the power of Facebook & Myspace you’re able to showcase your modeling work, do you get a lot of backlash from your peers on campus?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  Of course a lot of students say a lot of negative things but I try no to let it affect me. I feel as though it’s a test and I’m being prepared for the real paparazzi in the future.

HHUCIT: Is this your first online feature interview?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  No actually this is my third one.

Dream3HHUCIT: What Are your Life Aspirations?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  To become an African American Mogul I want it all from modeling, clothing line, shoes, perfumes, Barbie dolls, and jewelry, everything that you can think of. I’m trying to be the New and Improved Kimora Simmons LOL

HHUCIT: What sets you aside from any other model?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  To be honest there is nothing fake about me all of my body are natural, and I have the attitude like I’m motivated and I’ll do whatever it is I have to in order to make it to the top. I’m hungry and the only way to become full is if my dreams come true.

HHUCIT: What are you working on at the moment?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  I’m trying to find casting dates for a major Hip Hop Video so I can go and audition!!!

HHUCIT: What Pushed You Into The Field Of Modeling?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  My first year of college, so many people told me I should and after I had my first photo shoot and I saw the reaction from people I started thinking maybe I can really do this and actually go far as well!!!

HHUCIT: When Did you Decide You Wanted To Model?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  I’ve always wanted to model ever since I could remember

HHUCIT: What made you want to get into such a competitive business?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  I love a challenge and I feel that if you want something you better go after it!

HHUCIT: If your modeling career didn’t take off – What would you do?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  Well I’m a college student and my major is nursing so I’m going to finish school no matter what happens. I just know that this industry is not always promising and to be honest “It takes money to make money”

HHUCIT: Where can your fans/or people interested in hiring you reach you?Dream2

Antasha Dreamgirl:   They can reach me @ my e-mail address which is [email protected]

HHUCIT: What’s your School/Major?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  I’m currently attending Wayne State University and my major is Nursing

HHUCIT: What would you like to leave the readers of 1HIPHOPUCIT.COM?

Antasha Dreamgirl:  Look out for me in the future you guys, because I’m coming soon to a T.V near you. And Remember “Dare to Dream because it just might come true”

HHUCIT: Thank You For Your Time!

Antasha Dreamgirl:  No Thank you all for choosing to interview me!