ShanOne look at Shan and chances are you think to yourself, she’s a good looking woman nice body, but she’s the typical “Video Model” or Men’s Magazine Model; You would be wrong. Speaking with Shan I quickly realized that the Miss Juicci that the public got to know from a far via her video appearances, Magazine appearances & upcoming jean line isn’t the person that I got to know. I was introduced to the other side of Miss Juicci and that person is Shan Brown. Shan got her bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology & Audiology and recently she got her Master’s Degree in Public Administration. So if by any chance you’re thinking, “Typical” Urban Model or Beauty with no brains? I would quickly disagree, try using a phrase like, Army Veteran,  former softball player or even a motivational speaker, but whatever you do, don’t put her in a box. Contact Shan directly HERE. Well, Shan AKA Miss Juicci, believe it or not is just getting started, she offered some aspiring models some great advice on not settling in the industry, check out what else we discussed with the most in depth interview you’ve seen from Miss Juicci thus far…


Age: 27

Hometown: Rayville Louisiana

Measurements and height: 34-26-43

What’s Your Sign? Libra

What part of your body do you like the least and why? Neither!! I am totally in love with me…

HHUCIT: Your ideal man looks like, acts like, and sounds like?

Ms Juicci: He has to have a nice body, tall, great smile, smell goods, and keeps my attention. He has to have characteristics like my father and he has to sound like he is not ignorant but a great gentlemen.

Are you single? Yes.

HHUCIT: How long have you been in the modeling business?

Ms Juicci:   Three years now

HHUCIT: What do you look to gain from the Modeling Industry?

Ms Juicci:   The experience, knowledge of the business and great contacts for future references.

HHUCIT: What are some of things you have been featured in or would like to be featured in?

Ms Juicci:   Pretty much you name I have done it when it comes to magazines. I was featured in Smooth, King (web girl), Source, One Ten, FBM, Stunnaz, Omigawd, Summer Bunnies, Sweets, etc… I was the spokes model for Stiletto Vodka and now I am working with the hottest new energy drink coming “ExclusiveV.I.P. Energy Drink” Make sure to stay tuned their will more to come.

HHUCIT: What do you think about the image of the “urban model” today?

Ms Juicci:  Just like anything in life it has its bad apples but as my dad always say “The cream will rise to the top” I feel as though I am the cream and I will always do my best to stay on top.

HHUCIT: You have achieved so much with your Education what are your Life Aspirations?Shan2

Ms Juicci:   I want to continue using modeling as my stepping stone with motivational speaking to young girls, turning Shan B. Enterprises into a larger company and working with my other degree in Speech Pathology. I want to also go back overseas speaking to the troops but this time not as a soldier but showing the morale support I once received while serving in “Operation Enduring Freedom”.

HHUCIT: What did you receive your bachelor’s degree in?

Ms Juicci:  Speech Pathology & Audiology.

HHUCIT: You recently received your Masters degree, what was your emphasis?

Ms Juicci:  Pubic Administration which I catered more towards my business aspirations.

HHUCIT: How important was getting your degrees in school while pursing modeling?

Ms Juicci:   It was very important. My parents are both educators and education was something stressed by the both of them. Modeling was never going anywhere. I was lucky enough to mange the two. swhhhhhhhhh!!!

HHUCIT: You were in school for a while did sorority life ever interest you?

Ms Juicci:  Yes it did. I am a Sigma Ghama Rho baby!!! Even though most people cannot believe it lol!!!

HHUCIT: I wouldn’t have guessed that at all Shan. (Ha!) You seem to also have accomplished a lot in the world of modeling as well, what you plan on gaining from the modeling world even though you have an education that would also get you far in your career aspirations. If being a model getting your master’s degree and starting your own jean line weren’t enough you are a proud U.S. Army veteran, what made you decide to go to the military?

Ms Juicci:   What’s funny is I was attending Southern University A& M College on a softball scholarship it started to get boring for me so I felt I needed another challenge in life. Then I was deployed overseas. What a change of scenery lol!!

HHUCIT: Let’s talk about this jean line 360 Jeans by L.S.B that is being released next month how did this opportunity come about?

Ms Juicci:  I was the spokes model for Jeanisis Clothing a hot upcoming clothing line while we were all in graduate school. As I would model their line the response began to grow and from there they always promised me my very own line as they continued to grow. As my success grew we all decided the timing was right. We put a plan in motion and I decided upon 360 Jeans by L.S.B. that stands for “all around classiness & all around jazziness” I had to do something for the curvy women like myself.

Shan3HHUCIT: Why was it important to cater to the curvy women with your jean line?

Ms Juicci:  Honestly, it is so hard for curvy women just to walk around in comfortable jeans…Especially sitting down and having to deal with the “crack” lol!!! So, I definitely understand and hopefully 360 cater to the needs of all women.

HHUCIT: Have you gotten any celebrity endorsements for the line?

Ms Juicci:   Yes I have but I can’t give you all the Juicci information in this interview but I will let you be the first to break it on your site…

HHUCIT: Alright Shan, I’m taking you word – we better get that exclusive…LOL Are you looking for promo models for your jean line?

Ms Juicci:  Yes I am always looking for promo models for my upcoming fashion shows in various cities. So ladies email me at [email protected] with your head shot, full body shot and measurements.

HHUCIT: What advice would you give to an aspiring model looking to walk in your foot steps?

Ms Juicci:  Make sure to have your goals set in place. Research managers and their work history. Always be friendly and respond to supporters because you never know when you see them at your events. Be very conscious of your images and who has them and definitely do not settle for anything offered to you because this game can take you under with the wrong choices.

HHUCIT: On another note with the upcoming R.A.P on AIDS campaign that we are launching, by the way we would loved for you to get involved; What do you think about the AIDS epidemic running rampant in the black community?

Ms Juicci:   I think more public figures, celebrities and people like myself needs to bring awareness to the younger generation because we are the ones they are watching. No matter if you are on television, magazines, etc people should use their power to bring awareness to the communities.

Shan1I want to send a special thanks to this great website for allowing me the opportunity to grace the #1 Website For Hip Hop & Entertainment!  My supporters for making Ms Juicci who she is. All the magazines that gave me an opportunity when there are so many beautiful models in the world. My manager “DJ Da Manager” Jeanisis Clothing my photographer Dwyane Darden of and Tony Neal and the all my Core DJ Family

HHUCIT: Thanks for you time Shan, looking forward to seeing the jean line and working with you moving forward on the R.A.P on AIDS Campaign :o)

360′ Jeans by L.S.B coming next month. ([email protected] for more information)

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The “Juicci Experience” DVD coming soon…

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