Lil Wayne has come a long way since he was in school, and he’s got the crib to prove it. In an exclusive preview from Wayne and DJ Scoob Doo’s forthcoming behind-the-scenes DVD, “The Nino Brown Story, Pt. 2” (the follow-up to 2008’s part one), we get a look at Wayne’s home and hear him reflecting on his past.

In the clip, Wayne talks about his early days as a rapper. “I was still in school after I dropped my first solo album,” he said. “After I dropped Tha Block Is Hot, I was still in school. It was platinum and I was still in school.”

Wayne was literally riding the success of his 1999 debut album, with a brand-new Mercedes-Benz drop-top two-seater with a Kompressor engine. He said that many of the people in his neighborhood didn’t know such a car existed, and thought he’d had it made especially for him. But his good fortune did not end there, as he got a call from Cash Money label head Baby one evening, asking him to come to his house: ” ‘Yo shawty, come to the crib,’ ” Wayne recalled him saying. Wayne said he went to Baby’s house and was told to go to the back, where the tarp was taken off of a BMW two-seater, a gift from the label.

In the clip, Wayne also recalls that his mother ordered him to leave school. “My mom, she made quit,” he said. ” ‘Look, I’m going to let you quit school, but them b—-s better get you a tutor!’ ” Wayne said, mimicking his mother’s voice. He said he called up Baby to make it happen.

” ‘Yo B, my momma said I have to get me a tutor.’ I had the tutor the next day,” he recalled. ” ‘You gotta go at 9, shorty,’ ” Baby said.

Despite his mother’s insistence, Wayne said he continued to go to his old school anyway. “They used to make me get off the campus and all kinds of wild sh–. ‘Get off the campus!’ C’mon man, I’m my own millionaire! You gonna really kick me off a public school campus? I just was going to this [school] last week, making straight A’s.”

“I love school, like my daughter,” he continued. “My daughter cries when we say she has to stay home because she’s sick.”

Later in the clip Wayne exits the studio area of his Miami mansion walking down a narrow hallway that has one of the walls adorned with a number of guitars. The kitchen area sitting just outside Wayne’s living room is surrounded by a pile of clothes and fitted baseball caps that sit neatly on the floor. “Clothes on the floor,” Wayne confirms to the camera. After a long day of work, Weezy sits comfortably in his living room watching a Boston Red Sox game on his flat-screen television with two of his pals.