February 28, Gillie Da Kid dropped yet another project, King of Philly 2, which has been getting some pretty good feedback from his fans. Gillie has been involved in music business for several years. He was a ghost writer to a few mainstream artists. The North Philadelphian feels it necessary to represent where he came from. There are several successful music artists from Philadelphia including Cassidy, Freeway, Eve, Beanie Siegel and Meek Mill just to name to a few. One great way to earn respect in this type of business is to always remember where you came from and give back to your own city. Gillie carries the weight of Philly on his back and shows his admiration for his hometown in every project he sets his mind to.

When Gillie was the first person from the East Coast to be signed to Cash Money Millionaires Records, he beyond ecstatic but controversy was around the corner, causing him to leave the label soon after. He continues to market himself as the voice of Philly. He constantly attends shows and travels along the coast for appearances and performances. Gillie Da Kid celebrated his birthday alongside Lil Kim last summer at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in Atlantic City. Also, Collaborating with 2 Chainz on the track “Chicken Man” proves how versatile his selection in music can be.

The 17 track mixtape has almost no features, which advertise the strength of his music. Any project that doesn’t have an overload of features, has a story to tell and is a must listen to. Some don’t all agree, so has Gillie been crowned and earned the title of being the King of Philly? He definitely puts in work and wears the title well, but Philadelphia is a big city full of intimidating competition so there’s no room for slacking.