Dior1A native of the Brew City – Milwaukee, WI – 39th & Capitol is where she resided and an Alumni of Rufus King High School. You may ask why there’s such a detailed description of her roots? That’s what makes Miss DiOr who she is today.  Nashville is now where the beautiful model calls home. We recently caught up with her to find out what drives this model to succeed. When asked about her body she simply says, “I’m very blessed.” Miss DiOr is a model that “refuses to compromise” her integrity, credits God for instilling the drive in her to succeed, and who describes herself as silly. Miss DiOr is single and loves a guy who can make her smile, she’s  a spokesmodel for Dr Ian’s 50 Million Pound Challenge, and plans to use her art form (modeling) to “help young ladies (and even my peers) that strive to be sexy, confident, classy, and healthy” Let’s see what else this Milwaukee native has in store!

Age: 20 something….naw I am 26


Measurements and Height: 5’5” 34C-26-40

What’s Your Sign? Capricorn

What part of your body do you like the least and why?

I am actually very content with my body. I know I am very blessed! I will say it is not a matter of waking up and just being flawless daily because that is not possible. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is most important when it comes to being content with your body. Working out daily with my trainer, Tramont keeps everything in place.

Your ideal man looks like, acts like, and sounds like?

My ideal man is educated and confident. He acts like my best friend. He sounds like my biggest fan. My ideal man has to be funny. I am a very silly woman and I really love a guy who can make me smile.

Are you single?

Single?? That is a good question….Yes, I’m single.

How long have you been in the modeling business?

I have been modeling for a little less than a year now.Dior

What do you look to gain from the Modeling Industry?

I hope to gain long lasting relationships and an extensive resume. I am in the process of fulfilling a dream, and I am waiting for everything to unfold in due time.

Looking at the current political race have you been keeping up with what’s going on?

Yes, I have been trying to stay abreast on current events when it comes to the political race.

Barack or Hillary & Why?

I am definitely riding with Barack all the way. He genuinely has a plan to address everyone’s needs. I am highly moved by his health care initiative.

What are some of things you have been featured in or would like to be featured in?

So far I am a featured model for the 2007 O So Sexy Campaign for Elite Studios 1, spokesmodel for the 2008 Get Fit Day/50 Million Pound Challenge featuring Dr. Ian, and mochacity.com mocha model. I would love to be featured in mainstream outlets such as movies, commercials, magazines, videos (depends).

What are your Life Aspirations?

I aspire to learn as much as possible about the modeling industry. I truly value meeting and building positive relationships. I plan to fulfill this dream of being a model. I am at a place in my life where I have experienced a lot of positive and negative things, but I thank God daily for instilling in me this drive to persevere and climb to the next challenge. Modeling is an art form and I plan to conquer it and take it over. I plan on touching as many lives as possible. Through modeling I can reach young ladies (and even my peers) that strive to be sexy, confident, classy, and healthy. Having unlimited opportunities to inspire others is what I strive for.

Tell us something you’ve never shared with any other publication?

You can’t tell from my pictures, but I am such a NERD! I find myself fascinated with learning….I know, sounds lame. Oh, and I am kind of shy. Some say modest, but I call it shy.

You’re originally from Milwaukee; did you pursue this love for modeling after you left or before you left the city?

Dior2Yes I am originally from Milwaukee (39th and Capital!). I actually always loved to be in front of the camera. I remember I was 15 (freshman year at Rufus King High School) and I went to an open casting call for models. When I got there the people loved my skin, my teeth, my hair, BUT they said they couldn’t use me because I was too short. That day was so hurt. I never pursued modeling again. When I moved to Nashville for school I met people here that were more open minded and friendly. They praised my ENTIRE body. After several years of people saying, “You should model, you should model” I took their advice and I ended up being dam* good at it after all.

What do you think of Milwaukee’s Modeling Scene?

Milwaukee’s modeling scene is good. There are a lot of beautiful young ladies here that have a lot of talent. It would be nice if Milwaukee would speed up just a little so the city can keep the talent in Milwaukee. I have noticed a lot of models moving to Miami and Atlanta to further their careers in modeling.

In terms of this industry, models are asked to do many things that conflict with their beliefs but they see it as a way to get ahead what do you think of that and what is something you just wont do?

I personally don’t believe in compromising your integrity to “get ahead” in any industry. If you think about it, once your do something that your normally wouldn’t do to “try” to get something it usually doesn’t last or benefit you. It really helps for a woman to know who they are as a woman. If you are strong within yourself you can set your boundaries to someone and at the end of the day they will respect you as a professional. I am not a real big fan of “Ass shots/back shots” I say that because I don’t think I have the booty to do that. I feel that I can do other poses that encompass my beautiful body without doing all of that. I am very creative so I can do something like an ass shot, but it won’t actually be an ass shot and get the same effect.

What sets you aside from any other model?

I feel I am different because my personality shines through everything I do. I am a professional that is in this industry to knock down doors and take notes. I don’t feel I am exempt from asking questions or getting to know other experienced models. I feel they can help me with my art. The fact that I am humble and patient really supercedes all the possible negative factors of the industry. I’m a realist, so I truly understand that things don’t happen over night, but I am a firm believer that God placed this talent inside me for the world to see.

What’s up next?

Next I plan to be featured in a lot more urban magazines, doing some acting auditions here in TN, and I am coming home to Kick it with you Edward!! LOL
Ok, I’m gonna hold you to that LOL! What would you like to leave with your fans or The 1HIPHOPUCIT.com readers in this interview?

I would like to let the readers know to be on the look out for me because they will be seeing a lot of me very SOON. I ask that everyone keep me in their prayers. People stay positive, motivated, and educated. Don’t be ignorant on purpose!! Live life to the fullest and LET’S GET HEALTHIER!! Thanks for your support. God Bless!!

Thanks for your time!

Thank you Edward.

Photo Credits:

Antonit D Weatherly of Dimendtions Photagraphy – Nashville/AL

Maximus Alexander of Elite Studios 1 – Memphis