Where are you from?

Raquel Reign: Im from Bronx, New York

What is your ethnic background?

Raquel Reign: I have 2 sides of me which is the Puerto Rican side and the pure fire of the Dominican side.

What are your measurements?

Raquel Reign: Currently my measurements stand at 5’4 36F-28-42 but I would like to get my waist down to 26 or 27 😉 ThanksGiving did it to me lol

How do you keep that amazing body?raquelreign0024

Raquel Reign: Eating right- Eating is the important factor in having a great body because you can do so much exercise but if you don’t eat right there wont be any meat or muscle to show for it

What do you think is your best physical attribute?

Raquel Reign: Im going to have to say my skin ( I know its different from what everyone else say but im Raquel Reign- IM DIFFERENT people J) so yes my skin because with a body like mine I do not carry no cellulite – Thank God

What are some of your current projects?

Raquel Reign: Well I know I have been gone for a while but for 2010 I have a few features and maybe a cover on the way. Just keep a look out.

What are some of your future goals?

Raquel Reign: After all of this modeling I do- I would love to become a very known business women. I have plans on opening a few stores and being one of the sexiest but smartest financial business women around.

How would you best describe your personality?

Raquel Reign: That’s a tough one- I’m very outspoken crazy girl but Im also very wise and unique

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Raquel Reign: Food- OMG I can eat a lot which I may need to be careful now.

What are some of your favorite websites you like to visit?

Raquel Reign: Cutiecentral of cource- I go there all the time to see whos hot and whos not.. lol j/k I also like to go to BlackJackSkanz , 1HIHOPUCIT.com, Dynasty Series and some Mediatakeout please!

Favorite TV Show?

Raquel Reign: None right now

Whats your favorite food to eat?

Raquel Reign: Italian.

Whats your fashion style like?

Raquel Reign: Mixture depends on what im doing- I can wear my SB’s and turn around wearing the highest heels- Sexy.

Whats your biggest obsession? Clothes, Shoes or bag?

Raquel Reign: Shoes- OMG shoes. I have so much pair of heels and can blow some of these girls out the window sneakers, heels and all.

What type of music do you listen to?

Raquel Reign: I like some pop, R &B, Hiphop- some sex music like Sade

What do you find attractive in a person?

Raquel Reign: Intelligence, Appearance, great morals

What is something about you that people would be surprised to know?

Raquel Reign: I still listen to Big L- and I can fight like a beast. MMA here I come baby

Anything special you want to say to your fans?


Raquel Reign: Yes. Thank you everybody for believing in me and supporting me. I also want to thank the haters without you guys I wouldn’t be here.. Muahz Muahz Muahz also come check me out if u a hater or not at www.RaquelReign.com Twitter Raquel Reign or come book me for your event at [email protected] /-CC