KeKe Palmer the little girl from Chicago & Akeelah And The Bee Well she has grown into a tween superstar as True Jackson on the Nickelodeon show True Jackson VP. She was also dating Young Money’s Lil Twist but I’m not sure if that’s still the case…either way looks like she picked up some skills


Frankie Confirms Keyshia Cole’s Secret Wedding


This is a breaking rumor, yall! I told you that Keyshia Cole was engaged within the last day or so, but there is a new twist. It seems that Frankie, Keyshia’s wild and crazy biological mother, was on the V-103 during the Ryan Cameron show yesterday and she announced that Keyshia and Boobie had a secret wedding! Apparently, they did want this new baby they are having to be born out of wedlock.  On the flip side, my girl Tamara told me that Frankie seemed very drunk or inebriated – worst than usual. You know Frankie can get wild so this may be the rantings of a lunatic.