An unusual surge in views on YouTube worked to rapper Twista’s gain. A video featuring the rapper and rhyme collective Do or Die generated close to 80 billion views on the site yesterday according to the statistics. The four-minute clip for the song “Do You” was posted by YouTube LadyMC311. According to reports, the video’s 79,441,058,538 views were the result of someone hacking into LadyMC311’s YouTube account. As a result, “Do You” was briefly YouTube’s most viewed video of all time, eclipsing “Charlie Bit My Finger,” (147,246,806 views) and a performance from Britain’s Got Talent alum Susan Boyle’s (84,765,146 views). Although questions have been raised regarding the validity of the “Do You” views, Twista sees the situation as a testament to the power of his fans. “Yea I know it’s wrong, and don’t have any idea who that could of been that did the hack,” the rapper told, adding that he has never heard of LadyMC311. “I don’t have any idea why they picked my video, but that definitely goes to show you that Twista got those true fans, and I definitely wanna say thanks to the No. 1 blessing.” The YouTube hacking comes as Twista pursues a pair of non-music related ventures that will broaden his presence among the public as well as utilize his fame towards worthwhile causes. “Right now I am producing my first reality show deal,” said the rapper, who couldn’t reveal specifics on the deal because “it’s under wraps.” “I just started my own non for profit company helping homeless kids get off the streets and help kids with autism get financial assistance,” the Chicago native stated. The YouTube hack may be a good thing for Twista, but talk surrounding the number of views being inflated for “Do You” are valid. Upon checking this morning (January 8), the “Do You” video had 73,317 views. The clip was first posted on YouTube on September 6, 2006. Despite the rumors, Twista has taken everything in stride as he jokingly put in a personal request to the person responsible for the “Do You” views.

“If you happen to do it again,” the rapper said, “make sure you hook me up a million members on or my Twitter page.”