jay5050 Cent and Eminem have mad love for each other—in fact 50 has Eminem to thank for getting his career off the ground. The two performed on stage last night for the AMAs, and the crowd went wild.

But one person who wasn’t feeling the love was Jay Z, who was sitting in the audience during “Crack a Bottle” and Drake’s “Forever,” which Em also sings on.

A Hollyscoop spy sitting right near Jay in the audience says he wouldn’t even stand up to cheer his fellow rappers on! They tell Hollyscoop exclusively, “When 50 Cent and Eminem were performing, Jay Z didn’t stand up. And the guy next to him stood up, and Jay Z pulled the guy down. So the guy sat.”

So where does all this animosity come from? Apparently there’s a growing feud happening between 50 Cent and Jay Z. 50 recently included Jay in the lyrics to his song, claiming that he’s let all the money go to his head, and he’s forgotten that he’s a kid from Brooklyn.

Recently in an interview with MTV, they asked 50,

“How aware are you that there could be a lot of money in a Jay Z- 50 Cent face-off.” He said, “It would be great. It would be interesting for hip-hop. But I don’t think one of us will survive it.”

Jay Z doesn’t seem to be nervous, however. In an interview with the BBC, he said, “No one’s scared of 50 Cent. I want to be clear no one is scared of 50 Cent.”

Will 50 and Jay be the new 50 and Kanye? Tune in, because this sounds like it’s just getting started!