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Angell Conwell

Birthday: August 2,1983
Stats: 36-25-38
Height: 5’4
Hometown: Orangeburg, S.Carolina
Profession: Actress/Producer

Over the years, how have you grown as an actress?

Angell Conwell: Growing as a person causes me to grow as an actress. The more I experience. The more I’m able to bring to the characters I play. I used to feel that I had to work at all times. I just couldn’t stand down time. I felt I constantly needed to be extremely busy to be considered successful. Now, I don’t worry about all that. I’m comfortable with taking baby steps. I’m more cautious with the projects that I chose to involve myself in at this time in my life. I do things because I want to not because I need to. Overall, I’m more fearless. I still have a lot of growing to do though.

What was your favorite role ever?

Angell Conwell: I can say that I have a good time playing characters that are completely different from myself. My character in “The Wash”, Antoinette was funny. “I ain’t saying she’s a gold digga…but she ain’t messin wit no broke….” LOL. That’s totally different from the real life Angell. I’ve never been with anyone because of their “celeb” or financial status. That’s not a determining factor for me. So she was funny because she was such a stretch. I would finish my scenes and be like “no she didn’t just say that!”. Lol I used to cringe when I watched it because she was such a snob. But I laugh now. I also liked playing Alex in the tv movie I did with Keshia Knight Pulliam & Louis Gosset Jr, called “What About Your Friends: Weekend Get Away”. Alex was a spit fire, tomboy type chick yet sensitive. Enjoyed her.

Who would be your dream costar to play a role with?

Angell Conwell: I admire so many different peoples talent. I’d love to work with Martin Lawrence one day. Since comedy is what I’m drawn to. He’s very much “in the moment”. Love that. I like Brittany Murphy also.

If you weren’t an actress, what would be your dream job?

Angell Conwell: It’d be something involving children. I adore them. Most likely, child psychology, and designing; I’m doing that now.

Being in the industry from a very young age, do you feel it was easier to get roles or was it a hinderance?

Angell Conwell: Well, I don’t prefer to look at it as an hinderance but I did go through a period where I was growing up but the casting directors and producers who knew me as a child actress still kept me in that “child” category. Now that I’m pretty much over that hurdle I’m dealing with the stereo type situation. It can happen if you play a similar type of character one too many times. But I’m working through it. I’ve never been afraid of a challenge.

Do you feel most of your roles portray your personality? Or are you different?

Angell Conwell: A little Angell probably comes out in all of my characters. As actors, we all make choices. And whether or not the character is anything like we are as people. We still make the choice to portray the character a certain way. But the majority of the characters I’ve played aren’t much like me at all. I’m normally quiet at first. Not because I choose to be. I just observe and I have a little bit of a shy bone. Once I’m comfortable than I’m always cracking jokes. I’m normally more playful than anything else. I like to have good time around the ones I’m most comfortable with. I cherish those few people.

Are you interesting in producing your own movies?

Angell Conwell: Without a doubt. That will definitely happen. I’m interested in directing also. I’ve been told by a few directors that I’ve worked with that I’d be a good one. Not planning on the directing to be anytime in the near future. That’s just a sneak peak into my 10 year plan. The producing will come sooner.

What advice do you have to any young aspiring actors/actresses?

Angell Conwell: Maintain your individuality. Walk your own path. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing but you because that can throw you off track. Also, I wouldn’t recommend being in it for the fame or recognition. Do it because you absolutely love it and because it fulfills you. Even on the bad days…you still feel accomplished because you’re not giving up.

Who has been the influention figure in your life/career?

Angell Conwell: Not sure if I understand the question. So I’ll answer it 2 ways. I look at a lot of different entertainers/entrepreneurs accomplishments and think to myself “wow, that’s going on my vision board”. But there hasn’t been just one specific person that I’ve looked at as influential. I get motivated and inspired by everyone that’s out here hustling. There are tons of folks in this industry that are doing due diligence in their craft that haven’t gotten that major national/international recognition just yet. But it’s on the way. So, I’ll just say, I’m influenced by everyone that’s out here beating these crazy odds. My support team…my mom especially but everyone one of my family members. They see the ups and the downs and the highs and lows. They keep me going. They’re influential in that sense.

Describe your fashion style.

Angell Conwell: My fashion style has gone through so many changes. Lol. I look back at some of these pictures and I’m like “Lawd! What in the world was I thinking?”. It’s horrific. LOL. And the images are stuck on the internet. I think I was 17 or 18 when I had my first red carpet experience. And I’ve worn a lot of terrifying outfits since then. I apologize to anyone I offended. LOLOL . But now…It all depends on the day. It depends on what type of event I’m attending. On a normal day though. I’m laid back. Either a sweatsuit, jeans and t-shirt. Some days I’m on my ivy league look. Other days I’m rocking a sun dress. I’m all over the place with it. Not locked down to one specific style.

Lets be real. Do you guys ever get upset with inexperienced R&B stars who get leading roles for movies over actors and actresses that have been in the game for years?

Angell Conwell: Haha… Not if they’re talented and right for the role. No. I don’t really get upset either way though. I can never be mad at someone getting their paper and handling their business. But I can’t lie. I have thought to myself “hmm…I know several actresses that may have been able to rock that role better”. I know so many talented actresses that have yet to have their breakout role but are so talented. It’s all good though. It will eventually happen for the survivors.

Angell, early in your career you played the eye candy or the hot girlfriend in your movies. Has it been difficult to distance yourself from that type cast?

Angell Conwell: Did I? Lol .. Um, not so much. It’s another stereo type that’s been sort of difficult. But I won’t even entertain it by speaking on it 🙂

What are some of your current projects you are working on?

Angell Conwell: I’m working on several things. But right now I’ll focus on telling you about “Perfect Combination”. It’s a romantic comedy. My favorite genre. Stars Christian Keyes (from Tyler Perrys Madea Goes to Jail play and some others… I think What’s Done In the Dark), Tiffany Hines from “Beyond the Break”, Kareem Grimes who I worked with on “Baby Boy”. Dawn Richard from Danity Kane has a part in it, Johnny Gill. It’s just an all around good movie with a talented cast that I think people will enjoy. I play a young lady, Alex, that works at a dating service and helps the lead character find love. And if you’re into comedy “Frankenhood” is on dvd right now as well as the play “There’s A Stranger in My House” with Vivica Fox.

What type of makeup do you use?

Angell Conwell: I use Laura Mercier, and MAC for the most part. I have loads of makeup. Lots of lip glosses and eye shadows which I rarely use because I am wack at applying it. On a daily, I just use concealer if I have a blemish (which isn’t uncommon because I go hard on the caffeine and that’s torture on the skin), mascara ( I like Rimmel Londons mascara’s and LashBlast) and lip gloss. Right now I’m heavy on this MAC lipstick called Speed Dial.

If you could go back to the beginning of your career and knowing everything you know now, what you do anything differently?

Angell Conwell: I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, I may have worn less makeup. I was getting that note a lot when I was younger. “Less makeup”. I didn’t understand then because I didn’t think I had a lot on. But now that I look back. Um, yeah… I get it now. I thought I knew it all. Lol

Tyra Banks did a show revisiting of the famous bikini she wore for her Sport Illustrated Cover. Will we ever see Angell revisit that sexy white dress worn at the Soul Plane premiere?

Angell Conwell: Hm. That’s not a bad idea Cutie Central. I still have the dress. And I get a lot of questions and comments about it ’til this day. So, it may happen. 🙂

Angell Conwell CC Interview (2004)

How old where you when you got started in the industry?

Angell Conwell: I modeled locally, in South Carolina since I was at least 4 or 5. I then took the modeling to New York and Atlanta. We had our fair share of struggling but by the time I was 10 my mother and I had moved to the City of Angels to get my acting career on the move. It was a huge step. I’m lucky to have a mama who believes in me 🙂 I got my first show, Daves World on CBS playing Meshach Taylors daughter several months later. And did a pilot with Salt N Pepa in 1994 playing Pepa’s daughter..

Who are your role models and who has helped you the most along the way.

Angell Conwell: I’m inspired by different folks for different reasons. My mother is strong and supportive, I love that about her. My dad is talented in many different ways, I love that about him. I’m motivated by talented black actresses that have broken down barriers…Halle, Viv, Angela, Phylicia Rashad…oh so many!

What role did you have the most fun doing?

Angell Conwell: I had a blast on Soul Plane. I made a lot of friends and had an awesome awesome 20th birthday party at The Shelter during the filming of that one. Everyone was hilarious and I enjoyed each individual personality.

Who is your favorite person that you have worked with and why?

Angell Conwell: I have a long list of favorites…. Method Man is genuine and fun, Dj Pooh is a cool person, Sofia is my homegirl, Gary Anthony Williams makes me laugh for days, Omar Gooding is a true talent, Little X is a genius… I told you I had a long list 🙂 And there’s waayy more. But that should do for now.

If you weren’t modeling or acting, what would you be doing?

Angell Conwell: Hmmm… Wowee…Designing clothes ( which I am doing now) or maybe a make-up artist. It’s amazing to see people transform right in front of your eyes.

When you have a bad day, what do you do to relax?

Angell Conwell: I’ve just discovered that washing dishes helps me relax. Weird…I know. The gym calms me down also. But nothing is better than some good ol’ SLEEP!

What can we see from you in the future?

Angell Conwell: So much… I am just getting started. Romantic comedies, sitcoms, clothing line…and much more ( I sound like a dand on advertisement) but really… the best has yet to come.

Thank you Angell for taking the time out to answer these questions.

Angell Conwell: Not a problem. Hugs~ Angell. -CutieCentral

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