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Diznee: I am from San Diego, CA but I now live in Los Angeles, CA while I am attending college.

What are your measurements?

Diznee: Last time I got measured I was 34-24-38

How did you get discovered?

Diznee: I got introduced to Sean Cummings in April 2007. From that point we began doing some photo shoots and I made my debut in SHOW Magazine August 2007. After that I received the cover in June 2008.

How did you get the nickname Diznee?

Diznee: Sean Cummings came up with the name for me! He said, “We call her Diznee because she has a comic book body and her eyes and facial features remind you of a beautifully animated character.”

What’s your workout regimen and diet?

Diznee: I try and work out 4-5 times a week. I combine light cardio and weight training. I make sure I am constantly doing ab workouts to keep my stomach toned. I eat healthy meals on a regular basis. My typical daily meal consists of oatmeal or cereal in the morning, a turkey sandwich for lunch and chicken and vegetables for dinner. I don’t deprive myself of junk food, but I try not to eat it a lot.

What can we expect to see out of iDreamofDiznee.com?

Diznee: #1 you will see hundreds of new photos and video footage. We also have a Diznee store, comment section and I will also be keeping an on line journal. To see it for yourself go to http://www.idreamofdiznee.com We will also be updating the content on a regular basis with new photos and video.

What do you think is your best physical attribute?

Diznee: Personally I like my smile and eyes, but most would say they like my butt and thighs. I am proud of my body. I work hard to get a great physique, but I can charm anyone with my eyes and smile.

Are you continuing your education? If so where?

Diznee: I am a Junior in college at California State University, Northridge. I use to go to school in Long Island, New York at Hofstra University. New York was way to expensive and I had more modeling opportunities back in California so I transferred.

How long to you plan on modeling?

Diznee: As long as I have the support of my fans and I plan on modeling as long as I can. I also need to keep working hard so I can ensure I will be around a long time.

Will wee see you take pics with other well known photographers on the site?

Diznee: Eventually you will but for right now I am sticking with my favorite photographer Nick Saglimbeni.

Even though your Show Girl for life, will you ever be in any other mags?

Diznee: I would love to do other magazines! Right now I am focused on my site which is launching August 20! After my site goes live I want to start maximizing on the opportunities I have and be in more magazines.

Before you were Diznee, you was Chelsea the cheerleader, so will we see a sexy cheerleader set on the site?

Diznee: We haven’t shot a sexy cheerleader yet, but that is definitely on our list of photo ideas. Before I was Chelsea the cheerleader I was Chesea the school girl. I wore uniforms to school most of my life so you know we have a school girl photos on the site.

Will you be releasing your own DVD?

Diznee: Yes a DVD will be coming later this year along with calendar, but I assure you I have plenty of video footage that would make a great DVD.

If you weren’t in the entertainment industry, what other careers would you pursue?

Diznee: I am going to school for journalism with a emphasis in broadcasting. That is the career I want to persure other than modeling. Because I am in the entertainment industry I am looking to use my broadcasting skills to maybe host shows or do celebrity interviews.

A lot of models use modeling as a stepping-stone. Do you plan on doing more in the entertainment industry?

Diznee: Of course I would love to act! I am trying to get into acting classes so I am able to get some good acting roles in movies. It would also be fun to do commercials or TV sitcoms.

What is one of your guilty pleasures?

Diznee: I love baking! I try to find excuses to bake all kinds of cakes, cookies and brownies. I love trying new recipies and everyone knows cookie dough and cake batter tastes great! I love licking the bowl. If I had the opportunity to open a bakery I would be so thrilled.

Whats your dream date?

Diznee: I have many ideas for a “dream date” but at the end of the day I just want a whole day dedicated to me where I can be pampered and catered to all day long 🙂

Do you have any pets?

Diznee: I have one pet. She’s a dog and her name is Kiara. She is a 5 pound yorkshire terrier and I love her to death!

Have you ever thought about doing commercials or acting or being somewhat a fitness model? Some people might say they don’t see you as the “video vixen” type.

Diznee: I have considered that and honestly that would be perfectly fine with me. I would probably make more money by doing commercials and fitness modeling. I have no objection to crossing over. On the flip side I think the number of people who see me as a video vixen outnumbers the people who don’t.

Are you very selective on the jobs you take?(promotions,movies etc)?

Diznee: I am not very picky but I like to make sure it’s legit. I look for things that will promote me in a positive way and better my career as an upcoming model.

What advice would you give to your female fans?

Diznee: If you have hopes of becomming a model try and get in the gym and get your body looking right. It’s important to get pictures taken that you can send out if you hear about castings etc. Also, its not as easy as some might think to become a model. You have to be willing to make sacrifices.

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