alg_beyonce_lady-gagaAll week, gossip sites have been abuzz with rumors that two of the fiercest divas in the game — Beyoncé and Lady Gaga — had joined forces on a super-secret video for B’s “Video Phone.”

It was a fairly big deal, and accordingly there’s been much quoting of “insider” sources and “my boy [who] worked as a stylist for [Gaga’s] dancers,” but no confirmation from any major contributor to the project — until now.

On Thursday (October 15), a spokesperson for director Hype Williams confirmed to MTV News that that both Beyoncé and Gaga appear in the “Video Phone” clip, which Williams shot last weekend in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood.

Williams’ spokesperson would not confirm any additional information about the “Video Phone” shoot, but, according to Life and Style magazine, security on set was extremely tight, and the video is shaping up to be a fashion bonanza, with Beyoncé wearing “a feathered dress” and Gaga sporting “something wild … the fashion is sick and insane.”

Mirroring the Life and Style report, another source posted on Pulse Music Board that the “Video Phone” clip was shot on a “closed set [with] no cameras or video phones” allowed. Apparently, the video version of the song — which is from Beyoncé’s 2008 I Am … Sasha Fierce album — features B and Gaga trading up-tempo verses, and sees Gaga adding an extra verse to the tune. The clip also features “lots of choreography” and “more dancers than the two girls [Beyoncé is] always with.”

At press time, spokespeople for Beyoncé and Lady Gaga could not be reached or would not comment on the video

GaGa will also add extra verses to the song.