TreyDrakeAside from embarking on his first headlining tour, Trey Songz is already contemplating a new project with the help of longtime friend Drake. Songz recently spoke about their friendship and the possibility of releasing a joint album with the rapper.

Songz, who was friends with Drake before his recent success, had nothing but kind words for the rapper in a recent interview with

“We enjoy making music, and we sit back and laugh about a lot of things — life,” Songz said. “Look forward to seeing more music from us. I think we’ll make music together as long as we’re both making music.”

Songz just released his third solo album, Ready, and said he’s contemplating a joint album with Drake. “We’ll have to see,” he teased. “That’s crazy. We always talked about that when we first got on.”

Most recently, the two joined forces for “Successful,” the second single from Songz’s latest album; the track also appears on Drake’s So Far Gone EP.

“We’ve been working with each other for the last four years, so to start when we started and be where we are now together is a great feeling.” Songz told MTV News a few months ago.

And while a joint album is still up in the air, yet another Songz/Drake collaboration might be included on Drake’s debut album, Thank Me Later, which is due in early 2010.

“We’ve done some songs for his album, but we do songs all the time,” Songz told “There’s no telling if those songs will be on the album or not. I’m sure we’ll work together again before his album is out in stores, but we got some special stuff brewed up.”

Songz’s “I Invented Sex,” which features Drake, is being discussed as the third single from Ready.