After captivating audiences with her poignant ballad “ICU” for nearly nine months, Coco Jones unveiled a revitalizing remix featuring Justin Timberlake today (July 14).

The updated iteration of the track maintains much of the original song while introducing a soulful Timberlake verse, marking his first musical venture of 2023. The musician sings,

“Since you’ve been gone, everything been a mess. You’ve got a hold on this thing in my chest, babe. But I won’t settle for anything less but you. You know that our chemistry make up the set.”

Meanwhile, Jones sings,

“Somethin’ ’bout your hands on my body. Feels better than any man I ever had. Somethin’ ’bout the way you just get me. I try and I don’t ’cause I can’t forget.” Listen to the song below.

Anticipation had been building for the remix ever since Jones teased fans with a cryptic Twitter post on Monday (July 10). The tweet featured a composite of three different images: nostalgic ’90s boy band snapshots, an episode still of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” and a river drawing.

Subsequently, it led eagle-eyed fans to swiftly deduce that the mystery collaborator was Grammy Award-winning Timberlake. The “Bel-Air” actress later corroborated these speculations during an interview at the 2023 ESPY Awards on Wednesday (July 12) night.

Gushing with admiration, Jones shared while speaking on the collaboration,

“He’s such a legend, and he really supports me, so I’m really, really happy to have this collaboration.”