We are all familiar with the “baby mama” stereotype that is often placed on black women. Loud, obnoxious, unreasonable, spiteful. And if a man has more than one? Of course, that is pure drama. But does it always have to be this way? It would be better for our community if so many children weren’t born out of wedlock but life happens. And a good percentage of us were born out of single parent households and we turned out great. But what we could do without is the constant arguing and fighting between women whose children share the same father.

Rapper Lil Wayne has made headline news this year for just as much of his personal life as he has his professional life. And whether you love or hate his music, he is definitely a family man. He has had three children in a very short time frame with three very different women. He also has a child from a previous marriage. That brings him to a total of four children, with four different mothers. But out of all the drama he has had this year, can you think of one time where the mothers of his children have been an issue? Shady text messages haven’t been released, crazy e-mails haven’t been released, and there have been no domestic abuse 911 calls or incidents.

In some sort of way, all four of the women have managed to put aside their feelings and differences for the sake of their children. Last night on their twitter pages, Lauren London and Antonia Carter shared tweets about their Christmas evening, Antonia stating how her daughter was “loving her little brothers”. So clearly black women can get along with each other under what may appear difficult circumstances. And luckily Wayne is able to provide for all of his children. We should take this as a lesson that as Black women it’s time to grow up and become mature when we are placed in these certain situations. Okay, it didn’t work out with you and he’s moved on. But the child and their happiness and well being should always come first. Allow the man to be the father that he needs to be and stop holding on to past pains from failed relationships. It will work out better in the long run. A woman should exemplify class, dignity, respect, and a nurturing spirit. The next time you think about acting out as a “baby mama” trying being a “mother to your child” first. -Melissa Kimble

Diddy’s Daughter – Chance Combs


Sean “Diddy” Combs daughter, Chance Combs, 3 made her musical debut on She sang “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.