Sooooooo.. everybody has been at me about who the mysterious “Sexi Face” is. Well, Toya kinda told y’all so I’ll just confirm it. She just tweeted “I think I found Mr. Wright”, and I think she has too! Mr. Wright is non other than Memphitz of BET’s “The Deal” and Hitz Committee Records. The two have been spotted around the ATL and I happen to think they are a pretty hot couple. They have been friends for a while and they decided to take it further. I can totally understand why they chose to keep their relationship under wraps, its hard enough being a celebrity let alone a celebrity couple. I hope the media, haters and groupies (male and female) will not cause any unnecessary BS in their relationship! Plus, I got word from an EXTREMELY reliable source that Memphitz is quite smittened with Ms. Toya! You can tell from some of her tweets that their feelings are mutual. Good luck you two!!-Diva Dish


Video of the Couple