Cavs baller Shaquille O’Neal and Wizards baller Gilbert Arenas are bringing their problems from home into work.  And the NBA execs aren’t having it.  After TheYBF.com broke this explosive story about Shaq cheating with Gilbert’s fiance Laura Govan for the past 5 years, Shaunie filed for divorce days later and Gilbert is livid!

The Cavs played the Wizards on November 18th here in D.C.  The game was completely sold out–despite the fact that the Wizards have barely been able to fill half the arena for any other game.

Coincidentally, Shaq was a no-show.  He mysteriously “injured” himself a day or so before, so he couldn’t play.   Interesting since we can’t remember the last time Shaq missed a game entirely–even when injured he travels with the team and supports from the sidelines.  But this time Shaq never made an appearance at D.C.’s Verizon Center.

Our same source who’s been dishing us the exclusive on this love triangle now tells us the NBA has ordered Shaq and Gilbert to keep this mess as quiet as possible.  Shaq was–for lack of better words–ordered to stay away from that particular game.  For obvious reasons of course. The two have been exchanging words via Youtube vids and amongst their friends and the NBA wants to keep the possible on court drama to a minimum.  Especially with the always unpredictable Gilbert.

We’ve also learned that the NBA has called for a round table with the two and Gilbert has refused to go. -TheyBF