2179180454_2951b955d5_m“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it” -Joseph Goebbels

Allen Iverson is not washed up at all. They want you to believe this. They, is the media that have hated Iverson for all the wrong reasons for so that “they” bash his basketball ability because “they” think “they” can.

Those same people said Iverson needed to take less shots and get more assists. So when he did that, they said he was washed up. In a bad situation in Detroit, where Iverson sacrificed by taking 14 shots and playing 27 minutes and not getting as many touches, people called it a horrible season and said he should retire.

Yet, when guys like Mo Williams and Jameer Nelson had stats worse than this, and still made the all-star game, people made it seem like they had one of the best seasons ever. Iverson started what these NBA executives and media members hate.

The cornrows, the hip-hop clothing before games, the athletes making rap albums, the tattoos, and he was the first guy that had the guts to speak his mind every time.

When you already hate somebody, and somebody comes and tells you something negative about the person you hate, you believe what that person is saying. The media bashed Iverson for a year about how he is washed up up and done and needs to retire. He was said to be a cancer and the GM’s and team owwners believed it.

In the right situation, he is a top eight player in the league. The right situation is about 19 shots and 37-40 minutes per game. Putting him in an open offense wouldn’t hurt either. The right situation is the New York Knicks.

Iverson has left the Memphis Grizzlies and it may have something to do with the playing time issue. Iverson was supposed to have a comeback year this season and the Grizzlies just did not give him that chance.

This is Donnie Walsh’s best chance to get Iverson for his $3.5 million contract. The Knicks are trying to get LeBron in the 2010 free agency and LeBron is always hinting about playing for the Knicks. 

If you know sports, you know that LeBron wants to play in New York.

Why not? It is the best city to play in. Winning in New York is amazing, look at Eli Manning. He was the big thing in New York and he is not near the star LeBron is. The best basketball player in the world playing in the best city in the world makes sense.

The fans want him, the owners want him and the coaches want him. He wants it as well, but what is he supposed to say?

“I am leaving the city of Cleveland for New York even though this franchise has been so great to me and this is where I grew up. Cleveland is a contender and the management tried really hard to bring me players so I can win a championship but I want to play in New York so I can be more of a global icon and have fun?”

Of course he can’t say that. If Cleveland was not a good team, and its management was not doing anything to improve, than James would have already agreed to a Knicks deal. But he can’t, because the Cavs are a contender and can win a championship. Right now, New York cannot.

But now is the time Donnie Walsh does something all the other GM’s and owners are too afraid and stupid to do. Trade for Allen Iverson.

Iverson would play in a good situation and the D’Antoni offense fits Iverson’s style of play. Iverson would electrify New York and prove he is still one of the elite players, because like I said, when Iverson gets the minutes and shots just like Kobe and LeBron and D-Wade do, than he is one of the best in the league. In New York, he would prove that.

Once July 1 hits, LeBron signs with the Knicks. They offer him a boat load of money and he has an excuse to come there. That excuse is Allen Iverson.

Iverson, who has a better career than James himself, will be 35 and would take the second option role on the team. Iverson would easily agree to being the second option to LeBron because that is one guy who is actually better than him.

Why wouldn’t LeBron want to play with a player like that? They would be the best 1-2 punch in the league and could average over 50 points combined. It would be like Melo and Iverson, except better because a 35-year-old Iverson would have no problem taking a back seat to the best player in the game. Iverson and LeBron together could easily win the Knicks a championship. 

The Knicks are probably praying for LeBron? Well the “Answer” to their prayers may very well be Allen Iverson.