5050 Cent’s Cheetah Vision Films company has inked a deal with a Georgia production company Action Jackson Films, to produce and finance 3-5 major films per year.

Variety reports that Cheetah Vision’s first project under a new deal with investor Richard Jackson is titled The Gun, which was written by 50 Centhimself.

50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, will star opposite Val Kilmer in The Gun, which will begin shooting next month in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with Jesse Terro sitting in the director’s chair.

The Gun revolves around friends who are involved in the underground world of gun dealing.

The movie is the first of three features that 50 Cent has already penned.

“When you write a song, you need to say it in three minutes or it is overkill, but I like creating stories and going in depth with characters,” 50 Cent told Variety.

Cheetah Vision’s next project is the drama, Jekyll and Hyde featuring Forest Whitaker.

50 Cent recently made his directorial debut with Before I Self Destruct, a film that is included with the album of the same title, which was released today (November 17).