MaShonda and Swizz Beats put their differences aside over the weekend and threw a lavish birthday party for their 3 year old son Kaseem Jr.  Kaseem was decked out in a John Galliano Boys Grey Pinstripe Blazer (retail $310) and some Louis Vuitton sneakers.

Mashonda speaks on a new special someone:

Ok,so moving foward..Ive been in a weird place lately. My heart has been all gushy and soft.LOL. It feels great. Love is in existence! Its nice when God sends us people to speak to. Its better when those people understand ur situation and will allow u to handle them b4 movin. foward.I know the world is all in my life,so I will be the 1st 2 let you know the day my [Divorce] is final.Then Ill be able to righteously move on.Until then, I will focus on my son and myself. But its nice to know someone is waiting patiently.