Royce Reed, the mother of basketball star Dwight Howard’s son Braylon recently sounded off on twitter after being sued by Dwight for posting pics of their son on the social networking site.

Hahahahahaha! I’m being sued again! For posting pics of my child! Am I the only parent that posts pics of their pride and joy? #Imjustsayin. I’m still trynna figure out where my 9.2 million stash is and this additional 142 grand. Damn I’m balln and didnt know. Where have i been? lol . Love to post pics of us just having fun. I never respond to ignorance unless I have to. I never knew after leaving a situation that someone or some people would try to make my life hell. But I was warned if I left it would happen. But I am still happy and I’m still standing

Dwight is suing her for $142,500 which is $500 for each of her 285 twitter followers plus attorney fees. According to court documents, Royce was ordered by a judge in 2008 to refrain from posting pics of their son on blogs, websites, etc. Dwight sought the order because he believed that her posting pics of their son online posed a security threat since he is a highly paid public personality. Royce had a few words to say about that as well:

Maybe I should ask Obama for a bodyguard reference because Brays higher profile than his kids that we always see lol

Just a few weeks ago, it was reported that he was suing her for $9.2 million after he claimed she bashed him anonymously on a messageboard.  Meanwhile, Royce claims if she had anything to say about him she wouldn’t do it anonymously on a messageboard. Either way, she may want to lay off of the internet before he take all of her coins..