Chris Brown beating Rihanna was undoubtedly one of the most shocking stories of the year, and while most of us were deeply disturbed by it, Rihanna insists she doesn’t hate her ex boyfriend and would be willing to speak to him again.


She said:  

 “I can’t see myself never speaking to him again. There’s emotion there. I think it’s possible to change.”


Rihanna admits she’s “embarrassed” that she had such strong feelings for the Chris, following the brutal attack which left her covered in bruises and cuts back in February.

She added to Glamour magazine:

“It’s embarrassing that I fell in love with that person. He was my first big love and the more in love we became, the more dangerous we became for one another.”
Luckily she’s legally not allowed to contact him, which is probably for the best. It’s understandable that she loves him, but abuse is something no one should have to live with. We really hope Rihanna leaves Chris in the past.