Nelly’s Wildwood, Missouri mansion was broken into this morning (December 11); according to local St. Louis news network KTVI. [Watch below]

County police spokesperson, Officer Rick Eckhard suspects that the intruder got into the rap star’s home by entering through a window. The unidentified man was then able to flee with a duffel bag full of electronics and video games.

An unidentified person in the house phoned the police during the time of the robbery. Authorities describe the suspect as a black man between the ages of 20 and 30, sporting a black jacket, a mustache and glasses.

Police are currently searching the area—a suburb of Nelly’s hometown of St. Louis—for the thief and have already deployed the use of a helicopter.

It is unknown if Nelly was in the house during the burglary. He has yet to comment on the incident.