HHUCIT’s [Rating:3.0]

XXL Magazine named her “the most consistent female rapper of all time” but the world has been calling her the Baddest B***h from the jump. She has proved her talents consecutively in Hip Hop as an HBIC for over a decade. Her latest mixtape, Back 2 Business released December 3, 2012 and features French Montana, DJ Khaled, Slim Thug, Gunplay and more. Trina remains true to her Hip Hop upbringing and even though she isn’t signed with Slip-N-Slide Records anymore, she recognizes that the 11 year tie was one to be cherished. She has moved on to another label in the past two years and she in still in grind mode. The 20 track mixtape is full the most upbeat tracks we love to hear from Trina. She gives us the hot club beats to vibe to when we go out or in the car. She is truly a female who has her head on right and Back 2 Business is a perfect title. If you ever thought Trina was off, she reminds you in this mixtape that she is back to business and staying focused. Lyrically, she still represents what a female rapper in the game should look and sound like.

As a pioneer in Hip Hop, it is evident that this is her true love and will continue to make music. She stays busy with her life changes and endorsements, one being Fearless Magazine owned by Arian Simone. She was one of many women representing Fearless Magazine, advertising the positive message to women all around the globe to remain fearless in their journey to success. Trina has yet to release an album since Amazin’. She has stated she that is in the studio working on giving the fans a sixth album which will once again set the bar for her growing success. Back to Business is available for download HERE.