Video model Melyssa Ford has revealed details about an upcoming play that she developed with the director/writer of Jim Jones’ play.

 The play is titled For Vixens Who Have Considered Homicide When the Video Became Too Much.

According to Ford, who was recently featured in Chris Rock’s movie Good Hair, the “theatrical experience” is based around her life and her ten years in the music industry, as one of the top video models.

When I saw Jim Jones play I was really inspired by it,” Ford told TeamYee.TV at the Belvedere Lounge in Miami during Superbowl weekend.. “That night I had to meet the director/writer/producer of the play… and we created a theatrical experience based on my life.”

Vixens Who Have Considered Homicide will feature Ford singing and dancing in the upcoming play.

In related news, Ford stated she was working with 51 Minds and VH1 on a new reality show with actresses Elise Neal and Claudia Jordan.

“51 Minds bought the show, so did VH1,” Ford revealed. “We shot the pilot, myself Elise Neal and Claudia Jordan. I just saw a cut of the first episode and I was blown away… it wasn’t even mastered and it looked amazing.”

According to reports, the series is titled Single, Sexy and Starving.