P.Miller made a recent stop at Southern California’s Save Our Kids event to speak to teens and parents on the importance of community involvement.

As one of the most successful moguls in Hip-Hop history, Miller is often sought after by organizations for donations.

While the former No Limit CEO is happy to honor those requests, he challenged those in attendance to be proactive in making a clear path for others to become inspired and follow.

“Why [do] so many rappers and pro-athletes make it out and don’t come back to help the hood?” P. Miller questioned. “We have to take care of the hood ourselves and stop waiting for some celebrity or pro-athlete to come back and save us. I made it out. If one of you make it out, it’s important for you not to forget where you came from and always come back to help the next generation. That’s the reason that I’m here today because I really care about inspiring the next generation.”

One of Miller’s notable philanthropic efforts is his work with The organization aims to deliver 1 million gifts to families across the nation in need by the end of the year.

Each person, Miller explained, could make a huge communal impact by pooling their resources for good causes.

“You will most likely read about celebrities ‘making it rain in the club’ than giving back to the community,” he admitted. “If we really want to take care of the hood, we’ve got to start with us. If each one of us, one person, gave at least one dollar to our community we could make a real difference… together, starting in our own community. We could save churches and organizations that help the community. We could also educate our kids, feed the homeless, and take care of the elderly, if we work together.”

Last month, Miller teamed with Mark Wahlberg to supply thousands of Thanksgiving dinners to needy families in Los Angeles.

Those interested in volunteering or donating may visit -AllHipHop