michael-jackson-is-madmanMichael Jackson’s father Joe is sueing the administrators of his son’s estate claiming that the will Michael left before he died is forged with a mistake that they hid from everyone.

As we reported previously, Michael’s brother Randy said that Michael couldn’t have signed the will as he was “2,475 air miles away,” on a campaign against Sony honcho Tommy Mottola in New York from 5th July through to the 9th July in 2002, whereas the will was signed on 7th July — in Los Angeles. Pictures are available to support the claim.

When the will surfaced, Joe Jackson was livid that he was not named as one of the beneficiaries and launched a bid to share the King of Pop’s fortune, and now has released this statement:

“The executors have an obligation to tell the court the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But for four months they’ve been silent as to where this will was signed. They are concealing this from the court and you cannot do that,” Joe’s attorney, Brian Oxman said on CNN.

Joe Jackson, and his Attorney have released a petition listing 11 points why executors John Branca and John McClain are to be disqualified. I wonder if one of them says “I’m not getting any of MY money?”

VIEW The Documents in Question HERE