So we all agree that Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” was the hottest song and video of 2009–right Kanye? The story behind how the massive hit came together is equally intriguing. Singer-Songwriter The-Dream and producer Christopher “Tricky” Stewart spoke to People about recording it after Beyonce (kinda) secretly wed Jay-Z in 2008.

“It was the only public statement that they ever made about marriage,” said Tricky. “When we went into the studio she didn’t have a ring on or anything, because at that point they were still really hiding it. That’s where Dream got that concept from.”

And of course, the choreography in “Single Ladies” will go down as a real pop culture “moment.” Choreographer JaQuel Knight says Bey wanted the dancing to “feel good and powerful and she wanted something that everyone would do,” Bey’s mother Tina Knowles designed the leotards in remembrance of Broadway classics like “All That Jazz” and A Chorus LIne.”

“I think the visual is what really pulled the record together as a whole,” said Tricky. “The reach was just unparalleled.”