Gucci Mane is currently serving a one-year prison sentence for violating his probation back in November 2009. Although it was clear what exactly he violated this time around, there have been accusations that Gucci Mane was taking drugs especially cocaine during his time of probation. But Gucci denied all reports of him ever using cocaine at any point of his life but admits to having smoked marijuana. 

“My urinalysis was from, like, six months ago, I think it was for marijuana. But it definitely wasn’t from cocaine. I have never used cocaine. That’s just not true. Then I stopped smoking and stopped drinking. For the last six months, I haven’t used any drugs, and I will continue to claim sobriety. That’s why I said that at the BET Awards and made that PSA. Because that’s something I took to and made a part of my life. So even when I do get out of here, I plan on continuing that, and I’m proud of myself for that. That gave me peace, even in the situation I’m in now. I know you have to be optimistic. Even if you’re going through something that you expect to be good and it turns out bad, you know it will get well.”

Gucci Mane’s lawyer, Dwight L. Thomas, hinted that the possible reason for his return to prison in 2008 was because he tested positive for marijuana and cocaine use. He also failed to receive permission to travel and only completed 25 of his required 600 hours of community service.

In other news, Gucci Mane plans to release two follow up albums to his The State vs. Radric Davis titled The State vs. Radric Davis: The Appeal and The State vs. Radric Davis: The Verdict later this year.