Its been quite a while since we you in magazines. What have you been doing the past few year?

Avonte: I’ve been working on other projects. T.V., The radio show, and re-launching Skin Amour..

You are the original cuties in the game. The real prototype.In the past few years how have you seen the industry change?

Avonte: I’ve seen the quality cheapen, It seems like the industry is not a business anymore, It’s not and honor to be print model, because anyone with a myspace can be. It’s destroying the beauty of what being an Urban beauty is. It’s not about working a photo, it’s about emphasizing on assets, not beauty. So in comes the horrible hard and high back asses. I don’t have a problem with enhancing but when you’re only known for assets and you lack the beauty or style, it’s a problem to me.

Who currently or in the past reminds you the most of Avonte?

Avonte: Sorry but I can’t think of any, we all have a different focus and drive. I do like that Bria is representing for the darker skin tone beauties. I understand her struggles as a model and the struggle of being taken as a Main focus! I’ve been there, she has a lot of determination that I can respect.

What do you do to keep in shape over the years?

Avonte: That’s the hardest part, because I love to eat!! Did I say Love!!! LOL.. So I TRY to work out and stay active when I’m not working out.

What will see from Avonte in the future?

Avonte: More of me in front of the Camera! And also a lot more of my business ventures. The website will be up soon that will give you updates but for now check out my facebook/AvonteWright and my twitter/TheOnlyAvonte

When you model, Do you have a signature look?

Avonte: I think my signature look is a whole all around look. I got a little something that everyone can appreciate but that’s not what I think about at a photo shoot. I try to give off different looks because the industry changes so frequently, so I think my energy at a shoot is what most photographers capture. I take on modeling like a business I don’t look at it like some of the new models I’ve come across with an attitude like “If she can do it so can I ” I just feel like that’s that wrong reasons to pursue anything. I love this business that’s why I do it and that’s how I put my stamp on it.

You represent the sexy dark chocolate women in the industry. But do you think light-skinned women have an advantage in modeling/acting?

Avonte: I think lighter women use to have an advantage but it all depends on what market you pursue modeling in there are different categories of Modeling like Commercial, High Fashion, Spokesmodeling, etc., and Now the new market being urban. For some reason when I first started into modeling I started in the Urban world with BlackMen’s Magazine, I was there first model that didn’t really have an impressive resume, yeah I did some TV features and guest-staring rolls but Halle and Tyra was gracing the cover before me so I knew my resume was not as impressive as theirs so they took a chance on me and that part of my career had taken off from there but I did notice on my cover picture they did make me a tone lighter which was a shook because when I first seen it I didn’t even recongnize myself. But that’s how the Urban market operates, one thing may be hot this week but out of style next. So right now it’s the Chocolate big juicy booty girls that are getting the focus and that’s cool because they are showing the world that Curves can also = beauty.

What advice would you give to the aspiring/beginning models?

Avonte: The advice I will give to aspiring models is first Love what you do, don’t do it for any other reason. Stay focused and determined because your time will come. Know the business because they’re a lot of people who will try to take advantage of you. Get good representation because that is always important if you are trying to work on a bigger scale. Start off with that knowledge and the rest would come with experience.

Anything special you would like to say to your fans?

Avonte: I would like to say to my fan’s that I LOVE you guys for all the support, I got the best fan base anyone can have because they are loyal and they have stuck by me and for that Much Respect. -CC