Heather Nikole

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Heather Nikole

Zodiac: Capricorn
Stats: 36-27-43
Height: 5’6
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Ethnicity: African American
Profession: Model

When did you get start in modeling?

Heather Nikole: April 2010

Is there anyone you look up to in the industry?

Heather Nikole: Amazin Amie, I love her. She really is AMAZIN! And of course Esther Baxter shes had such longevity in this game.

What do you think is your best physical attribute?

Heather Nikole: I feel I’m a whole package. Face down to my toes! =)

What are some of you current projects?

Heather Nikole: Just finished shooting for Gorgeous Mag. And of course I’m getting ready for the release of my SHOW Black Lingerie issue due out in October, as well as my website.

What are some of your future goals?

Heather Nikole: I of course want to make my presence strong in the modeling game, but besides that I want to extend my creative talents by opening my event planning business and cupcake shop.

What was it like shooting for SHOW Mag?

Heather Nikole: It was great. It was my first magazine shoot and Sean and his team at Slickforce made the experience very comfortable and memorable.

How would you best describe your personality?

Heather Nikole: You either love me or hate me, those are the only options.

What is your definition of sexy?

Heather Nikole: You have to have confidence. Be comfortable and happy to be who you are and work what you have.

What does a guy have to do to impress you?

Heather Nikole: Know what the hell he’s talking about. LOL, so many guys just ramble on about nothing. Get some substance. I also love determination, you have to at least have an idea of what you want out of life and a plan on how to get it.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Heather Nikole: Shopping and food. I love to eat, especially sweets.

What do you find attractive in a person?

Heather Nikole: I love people who are genuine and motivated to want more out of life. All of the people in my life are about success. If they don’t already have it, they are on the road to it. We call ourselves SWESH team the no B.S team.

What is something about you that people would be surprised to know?

Heather Nikole: I collected Barbies! I have 3 boxes full of unopened Collector Edition Barbies still. lol I havn’t looked at them in about a year and have no idea what I’m going to do with them lol

Where on the web can we see more of you?

Heather Nikole: DynastySeries.com always supports me and has a feature of some sort on there, soon on SHOWgirlzexclusive.com and of course you can “GOOGLE ME BABY” lol and you’ll find more.

Any special words for your fans?

Heather Nikole: I LOVE YOU ALL! I really appreciate the support and love I get from you. Make sure, if your not doing it already, you follow me on twitter.com/Heather_Nikole and you check out my youtube channel and subscribe. www.youtube.com/user/HeatherNikole2U and make sure you pick up you SHOW mag’s Black Lingerie issue 13! *Kisses!*  -CutieCentral

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