Drake fans woke up bright and early to be the first to listen to the “Hotline Bling” rapper’s latest full-length effort, For All The Dogs. Social media users quickly speculated that the multiplatinum emcee was directing subliminal shots at his former partner and collaborator Rihanna on “Fear Of Heights.”

Back in September, Lil Yachty hinted that his “Oprah’s Bank Account” co-writer would address people on his new album. On his “A Safe Space Podcast,” he said, “People will have a lot to say about some of his topics on this album. And I don’t think he does it on purpose. I think it’s just him — he has a real… I will say he deals with some controversial things.”

The Twitterverse lit up with tweets attempting to put two and two together when they heard the fourth track on For All The Dogs. On the controversial song, he raps, “I’m anti, I’m anti. Yeah, and the sex was average with you. Yeah, I’m anti ‘cause I had it with you,” seemingly playing on the title of Rihanna’s classic 2016 album, ANTI, which features her hit song “Sex With Me.”

One user on social media stated, “Drake disses/makes references about Rihanna almost every album. At this point, it’s an ongoing trope in his music, so who cares? She has two beautiful BLACK children that don’t have to work extra hard to overcompensate for the one-drop rule, and that will forever haunt him.”

Esteemed journalist Heran Mamo boldly stated, “Taking shots at Rihanna while she’s happy raising her own family just because it isn’t with you is peak loser behavior.” Another popular music pundit, Mel Smith, tweeted, “I liken Drake’s descent into paranoia and misogyny to Kanye’s descent into madness and fame excess. It’s interesting how they’ve used their discographies to timestamp their spirals.”