diddy-dirty-moneyAfter years of being the master mind behind successful groups like Total, Danity Kane, 112 and Day 26, Diddy has decided to be in a group of his own, entitled Dirty Money.  The group consists of former Danity Kane member Dawn Richard and song writer Kaleena.  No longer rapping, Diddy has dropped his hip hop swagger and picked up some unique R&B influenced auto-tunes.  Artists like T- pain and Kanye West have successfully took advantage of the old 1980’s technique of manipulating your voice to sound like its carrying a tune, but will Diddy be as successful? According to XXLmag.com many fans have blogged stating confusion and are misunderstanding the purpose behind Diddy’s new style and his newly formed group, Dirty Money.

On his new album, titled Last Train to Paris set to drop on November 24, Diddy has incorporated Dawn’s beautiful voice along with Kaleena’s impressive song writing skills, to come up with what he calls a unique, new and refreshing album. He describes this album as electro hip-hop soul funk, which describes the story of a man’s relationship with his soul mate.  On a YouTube video, Diddy describes the meaning behind his group, “Dirty Money is not about no drug money or illegal money, nothing negative. Dirty money is a look, a sound, a feel, a movement, a crew. “

His first single entitled “Angel” is done entirely in auto-tunes and features the late Nortorious BIG sampling  Jay-Z’s “Where I’m from” track off his debut album; “In My Lifetime Vol. 1”.

Will Dirty Money’s unique style and sound intrigue audiences? Or will Diddy’s decision to join a group with two females and go auto-tunes, run away his fan base?

By: Xeranda Sanford