People started freaking out on Twitter Wednesday night over an “article” indicating that BET host Rocsi Diaz was arrested in Miami for

“attempting to steal over two hundred dollars in undergarments and high heels.”

Except the article only exists as a screencap and was written by someone who seems to have only recently made an attempt at learning English.

You believed this? Guys. COME ON.

In addition to the libelous headline “Rocsi Diaz arrested for theft in Miami, FL,” the dateline is listed as “MIAMI (ShugAveryPee).” We didn’t contact Reuters at midnight to confirm this, but Riptide is fairly certain the international wire agency does not insert the Twitter handles of “Level 85 Warlocks” into the beginnings of its stories for no reason.

We’re also pretty sure the reporter would at least check how to spell “Aeropostale” correctly, and would also probably start the article with the news, not “It was a sunny afternoon in Miami, Florida,” which is how every article about Miami would start if declaring the weather first made any sense at all.

Oh, and ol’ Shug was bragging about the fraud online:

got twitter hot. People think Rocsi a booster.

 I market it so good. RT @iPotora: Wait… is Rocsi trending because of @ShugAveryPee? LMFAOOOO.

Rocsi Responds: