youngmoneyGudda Gudda confirmed a big new Young Money/Cash Money tour starting in December. Check it out:

On Twitter some members of Young Money have been talking about a tour coming up. Could you tell us anything about this rumored tour?
Definitely got a tour starting, supposed to be anywhere in between the 10th and the 14th of next month. Its a Young Money/Cash Money tour.

How long will it last?
I ain’t even catch the dates on it yet, I just know we goin’ out on tour, when the albums drop.

Will it be as big as either of the last two tours?
I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be either as big or bigger. We don’t take two steps back, you know every time we do something we try to keep moving forward, more progess every time we do something. So, definitely might be either bigger, if not on the same level as one of the others. But its definitely gonna be a big tour. -New Lil Wayne