Hip Hop fans have just celebrated the release of rap star T.I. from prison after being sentenced a year and a day in March 2009, just to be devastated again, after rap phenomenon Lil Wayne, will serve his year sentence for gun possession in just eight days. Prior to his sentencing, Wayne has rocket boosted his record label, by introducing us to talented and original solo artists like Drake, and Nicki Minaj as well as the rest of young money label mates in their first single, “Bedrock.”

 In addition to those accomplishments, Wayne has released a solo album titled “Rebirth” that could be described as eccentric rock, as well as his mix tape “No ceilings” which is a blend of the hip hop Wayne and the controversial rock n roll Wayne. Despite his sudden adversity,  four days before his sentence begins, Wayne will perform along side, Chris Brown, Wyclef Jean, Pharrell Williams, Mary J. Blige and many more, at BET’s 2 hour event called, “SOS Saving ourselves” which is a charity concert raising money for Haiti. Many people may wonder what will happen to the Young Money/Cash Money Empire while the Boss is locked away for a year.

While many of the label mates feel Young Money will continue to strive and grow, others are solely focused on Wayne himself.

“I’ll visit him as often as I can…..It’ll probably be a very weird experience but I think at the end he’ll come out stronger, like he always does. Nothing ever fazes him really,” says Nicki Minaj. 

Mack Maine, the President of Young Money wants to act as if this situation doesn’t exist.

 “We ain’t even looking at that. We just making sure everything goes straight with these new projects and making sure we’re eating…Keep it moving.”

Although Wayne may be gone for a year, his music, music label and vision will still continue to progress, according to his current successes. –Xeranda Sanford