10 days before Christmas and according to reports, Usher was robbed for over a million dollars worth of merchandise in Atlanta. While the R&B singer shopped at a local mall, his black Yukon Denali was ransacked. Stolen were jewelry, furs, and two laptops containing new music. Does that explain the leaks, JD?

UPDATE Usher’s Stolen Goods

Jewelry bag containing five watches, three necklaces, two rings and six bracelets, $1 million.

Assorted clothing and furs, $50,000

Bottega Veneta duffle bag, $4,000

Mac Powerbook computer, $3,000

Mac Powerbook computer, $2,000

Louis Vuitton garment bag, $3,000

Louis Vuitton laptop bag, $2,000

Sony Powershot camera, $400

Sony Powershot camera, $300

Two Flipcam video cameras, $500 apiece

— Total value of stolen items: $1.065 million.