Trey Songz & Tahiry an Item?

treytahirytop pic

So, there is a new rumor with Tahiry, but I want you to read this first. Initially, I forgot why I would be hearing this rumor in the first place and then it struck me…

Joe Budden: “That’s the new thing though. To say ‘No disrespect’ and to be disrespectful. That’s the latest trend. I don’t have a problem with Bow Wow or JD or Trey Songz, especially JD. Everybody’s wanted to do something with his girl (Janet Jackson) at some point in their lifetime. The other side of me starts to say, there are other people of notoriety out there with attractive girlfriends and you don’t hear these rappers speak in such a manner about them [their girlfriends]. So when I see Bow Wow, should I f**k him up? He’s not going to get on camera and say, “Yeah, Beyonce…I’ll f**k the s**t outta her.” Or “I’ll stick my d**k in her butt,” so when I see Trey Songz, should I f**k him up? That’s what the other side of me says. Aside from that, when I ignore that…she’s a beautiful girl. I would say the same thing..maybe not on camera, but I would think it. They can try and they will fail.”

So, is Trey Songz some sort of patient dude or something? There are rumors that these two are an item. Like I said Tahiry and Trey Songz makes no sense until you put it in perspective of the past comments. Then it makes more sense. Email me if you know anything about this. I’ve read about lil stuff in clubs and whatever, but nothing crazy.

Wacka Flocka in Jail


The sources are my own and I refuse to even share them with the people I work with! But, he’s in jail, according to my sources, and my sources tell me dude went down for disorderly conduct and is in a jail down south. The bail isn’t that much so he may be out soon. The thing I don’t quite understand is why are all these rappers going to jail? Anyway, this case isn’t nearly as bad as the rumor when it was first pushed over to me. I was told that dude was going DOWN for something far more serious than that. I wish him well…not jail.